Ten Out of Ten is a comic peek into our absurd world of triumphs and disasters.

Three experts put our successes and failures under the microscope using electric guitars, the raising of hands and chalking on walls. It’s all here: brownie badges and driving tests; failing Grade One Flute and that first date; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro…

Join the team for an evening of achieving that will feed your eyes, ears and sense of ambition.

 With scenes taking place in and around the audience; one-on-one experiences and collective participation are delicately entwined, creating a sense of playful interaction. Fusing live music and physical theatre, TOOT will include you in their world without scaring you to bits or putting you on the spot (not too much anyway…).

Ten Out of Ten is about success and failure and how we measure ourselves.  The show was born out of a frustration that many people experience: the feeling of constant failure. When we’re young we have many ways of validating ourselves, so many tests and ways of feeling like we are achieving.  The older we get the more difficult it becomes to frame successes and to feel like we are living successful lives.  Life can also get in the way and we end up failing all the time: not having enough time to call your family, juggling life and work (and never feeling like you’re making the right choices), breaking up, childcare vs staying at home…

In creating a show around these themes TOOT give audiences an opportunity to connect with their own successes and failures and give them five minutes to relax about the constant feeling of never being good enough… ‘Failures’ are just as important as ‘successes’ – and just as absurd.

‘It’s all terrific light-hearted fun…thoroughly engaging. Toot are one to watch’
– Lyn Gardner, the Guardian

The tone is for the most part acerbic, our hosts proving an amiable trio with a distinctly off-beat humour. But every so often they stop us in our tracks…The cleverly-conceived seating arrangement means that scenes take place in and around us, granting one-on-one experiences one minute and end-on theatre the next. It also intriguingly denies individual audience members the comfort of sitting as a cheek-by-jowl collective…Death of a Salesman for the 21st Century.’
- What’s On Stage

‘Ten out of ten for TOOT’s Ten Out of Ten! Clever staging, gentle audience participation managed expertly, poignant stories (about success and failure) told verbally/ visually/ physically with great aplomb’
- Dorothy Max Prior, Editor, Total Theatre Magazine

‘***** What is so moving and touching about this production is that it exposes very basic truths, things that permeate through all aspects of modern life and culture…come see this wonderful new piece at Ovalhouse immediately.’
Andres Ordorica, What’s On The Fringe.

 ’a splendidly crafted hour that leaves us questioning what are we achieving for? What makes a life well-lived?’
- Total Theatre

***** The cast have innovatively devised and choreographed such a simple and relatable concept to make it something quite magical…a full theatrical thrill.’
-Broadway Baby

Ten Out of Ten is produced by Ovalhouse and Toot Collective.
Created & Performed by Stuart Barter, Terry O’Donovan & Clare Dunn.
Producer Faith Dodkins.
Movement Director Lucy Cullingford.
Music & Sound composed & performed by Stuart Barter.
Publicity images & Film Justin Jones.

An Ovalhouse FiRST BiTES commission.
Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.